Halo Lagi, Dunia

For the curious, I am still living in Indonesia, but I’ve completed my language training program in Malang and have gone on to start a new one in Yogyakarta.

I never stopped learning Indonesian, so what happened to the blog? Well, the more I learned, the less confident I felt putting my interpretations of Indonesian words out into the public. Although I was at a higher level of speaking than ever before, the amount of content I was exposed to but had yet to master felt overwhelming. I started to feel it necessary to wait until I was just a little bit more advanced with Indonesian before I share, and as a result, I let the blog go to the way-side.

Well, I’m still no expert in Bahasa Indonesia, but now I’ve been speaking for over 5 years, training full-time for more than 6 months, and recently earned a 2+ on my ACTFL OPI score. Not bad, tetapi jauh dari kata sempurna. The reality is I may never ‘finish’ learning Indonesian. There will always be new words.

With that in mind, I started to miss a time when I shared new words on this blog. It was very useful for me to share, and hopefully so for some other folks out there too. Jadi, marilah kita menambah lagi!

Berturut-turut – Consecutively, successfully, or lined-up. From the root turut which means to be together, within, or towards, or to follow. It can also mean something occurs again and again.

Kita tidak boleh memulai dengan soal di belakang sebelum menjawab halaman yang pertama. Pertanyaan harus diselesaikan secara berturut-turut.

What are some other words that come from the root turut? Penurut is a person that likes to or tends to menurut, or follow, i.e. follow the rules etc.

Though, that’s the rare meaing of menurut, which usually is used to mean ‘according to.’ Misalnya:

Menurut pendapat saya, mendengarkan berita dalam bahasa yang lain sambil makan atau beristirahat adalah cara yang baik untuk memaksimalkan paparan pada bahasa itu.

A lot has changed on my wordpress theme since I last posted. I hope this formatting is still appropriate for all of the readers and devices!