Homemade Sambal Bawang: ulek, campur, & didih

We covered bahan2nya, now it’s time to put it all together. Mari kita masakan sambal bawang! First, we need some new words…

Ulek /u·lek/ n. Tools to smash or pulverize chilies, spices, and other things. Otherwise known as a ‘pestle,’ it is usually made of stone or hard wood.

[1] Sambal ulek asli Indonesia. Very delicious!

sambal ulek : chili sauce that was made using an ulek during preparation
mengulek :
the verb ‘to pulverize’or ‘to sulk’ when referring to emotions
ulekan :
the fine, crushed results of using an ulek
: the process of using an ulek

Campur /cham·pur/ v. To mix, assemble, get together, or blend. I should also mention that this usually innocuous word can be mean ‘intercourse,’ so be careful using it out of context!

[2] Nasi campur. A dish of mixed food is often called campuran.

campuran : a mixture
mencampur : to mix or add something into the mixture
pencampur : blender
bercampuran : mixed up material or food
campur kode : a linguistic term to describe mixing languages to extend the meaning of a phrase or sentence
campur tangan : ‘mixed hand,’ a euphemism for a crime with multiple parties or when someone interferes with a criminal case

Didih /di·dih/ n. A boil, or a substance bubbling because it’s been heated to a boil. It can also mean ‘very angry’ when used to refer to emotion. A common synonym for ‘boil’ is merebus.

[3] Telur didih, boiling eggs. It’s generally more acceptable to say telur rebus, but people will understand both.

mendidih : to bring to a boil
air sudah mendidih : the water is boiling

Oke, jadi bagaimana masak sambal bawang? Make sure you have the bahan2nya we discussed, and some salt and sugar as well.

Pertama, memotong sayuran. Anda butuh cabe, bawang, dan bawang putih untuk dipotong kecil. Lalu, anda bisa mengulek cabe nya kalo mau rasa terbaik. Kalo ga ada ulek, bisa pakai pencampur. Masih enak!

Sekarang, mencampur semua bahan-bahanya ke panci mendidih sama air dan mendidih sampai air habis. Awas! Pastikan untuk menutupi, karna cabe mendidih suka melompat! Sambil merebus, tambahkan sedikit gula dan garam. Tidak terlalu banyak! Mungkin juga tambah telur rebus.

Itu saja! Sudah masak sambal bawang enak sekali.

Well, that’s how I do it anyway :]. Hopefully you can understand and enjoy too! Oh! Also the flashcards are updated. Thank you for reading!

Atribusi gambar (image attribution):
[1] Sambal ulek, CC0 image from Wikipedia Commons.
[2] WeI-chieh Chiu from Taipei, Taiwan, Made’s Warung Nasi Campur, CC BY-SA 2.0.
[3] Telur didih, CC0 image from Pxhere.