One Hundred Posts Celebration: seratus tahun, perayaan, & pesta

Today, I realized that we’ve posted one hundred times to Bahasa Bay since we started on January 16, 2018. That’s incredible! Thank you all new and old viewers for reading and learning with us. If you learned even one Indonesian vocabulary word from us, we’re extremely happy and humbled!

Let’s keep up the pace. Remember, semangat!

[1] Catatan seratus rupiah. 100 rupiah note (circa 1984). Today, worth about 3/4 of a US cent and no longer printed in such a small amount.

Seratus tahun /se·ra·tus/ /ta·hun/ phrase. One hundred years, or centennial. We know seratus and tahun from previous posts. In Indonesian culture, just like western cultures, 100 year and 100th-event marks are causes for celebration.

Perayaan /pe·ra·ya·an/ n. A celebration, or party to commemorate an event.

perayaan seratus tahun : centennial celebration
merayakan : celebrating
dia mau makan es krim untuk merayakan hari lahir : he/she wants to eat ice cream to celebrate his/her birthday

Pesta /pes·ta/ n. Party! It can be an eating banquet, celebration like perayaan, marriage gathering, or any other kind of event with revelers and fun.

pesta kawin : wedding party
pesta olahraga :
sporting event with numerous games on a single day
pesta panen :
harvest celebration
memestakan : the verb ‘to celebrate by having a party’
Freya memeastakan anaknya yang baru saja menjadi dokter : Freya celebrated her daughter/son who just became a doctor.

[2] Pesta anak-anak, children’s party.

Thank you all so much for reading even one post of this blog over the last five months. Terima kasih banyak sudah baca dan selamat seratus pos!

Atribusi gambar (image attribution):
[1] Seratus rupiah, public domain image from Wikipedia Commons.
[2] Pesta anak-anak, CC0 image from Pxhere.